Hello world!

This blog is meant as a method for women to “vent” about the really odd things their husband do from time to time.  Today, I am the winner:

This morning I started washing some dishes, and I got to the large blue tea pitcher that I use for myself (nobody else drinks tea in my house).  I noticed some pink crusty particles in the bottom of the pitcher, and I realized that my husband had used it to mix miracle grow for his tomatoes the previous day.  So, I called him at work to confirm my suspicions, and he commented that I would certainly eat the tomatoes that were produced from this mixture.  So, I had to comment that “yes, I would”, but I wouldn’t put the fertilizer directly into my mouth.  So, he said I had a point, and today I am the winner of the “allmenareidiotsmyhusbandistheirking” award. 

I have many, many more examples to share, and I would love to hear yours.  Men, please note:  I’m sure the companion “allwomenareidiotsmywifeistheirqueen” is in the works!


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